Announcements Ministry

Ensures that announcements are conveyed in the spirit of godliness.

Armor Bearers Ministry

Stands beside Bishop/First Lady/Ministerial Staff and serves them by assisting, encouraging, and protecting them from any enemy that may attack.

Audio Ministry

Reaches, via CDs, those who are not physically able to attend Worship Services by providing them with the Word of God; to enhance what those attending Worship Service heard; and to act as a witnessing tool to those who may not attend services.


Connections Youth Ministry

Teaches children and youth the Word of God by rightly dividing the Word of Truth through in-depth biblical studies.

Couples’ Ministry

Creates an atmosphere of unity within the Church body through married couples as well as teaches the proper application of the word of God in order to produce prosperous, healthy, wholesome and well balanced Christian couples.


Dance Ministry

Ushers in the presence of the Holy Spirit through dance to make the sanctuary and the congregation ready for worship.

Deacons Ministry

Assists in fulfilling the spiritual and natural needs of the Church body; follows-up with all disciples; supports the needs of Bishop and First Family; develops a family atmosphere through the tribe system.

Deaconess Ministry

Prepares communion, assists new candidates with baptism, visits the sick and shut-in disciples; assists the Deacons in caring for the disciples of the tribes.


Evangelism Ministry

Promotes creative, biblically based programs to reach non-Christians by effectively sharing and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Also assists Bishop and disciples to become more effective in fulfilling the Great Commission.  All disciples are apart of this ministry upon joining The Church.


Fisher’s Bible Institute (FBI) Ministry

Teaches the Word of God by rightly dividing the Word of Truth through in-depth biblical studies.  It is through this ministry that every disciple should gain the knowledge needed to fulfill the purpose of the will of God for their lives.


Hospitality Ministry

Serves The Church Fellowship by preparing and/or serving food items for special events.  This ministry enhances fellowship with disciples and encourages fellowship with prospective disciples and visitors.


Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Prays for the various needs and concerns of Bishop & First Family, TCF, individuals, the body of Christ and the world in general.


Media Ministry

Provides assistance to the Audio and Video Ministries through the cataloging, marketing and selling CDs and DVDs to disciples and visitors.

MBK Ministry

This ministry, which encompasses all of the men at TCF, understands accountability not only for us but for others as well.  We strive to live up to our mission statement:  “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Genesis 4:9.  


Nursery Ministry

Provides care for infants six (6) weeks to three (3) years old throughout the services so that the disciples and visitors may be able to participate in the Worship Services.  


Praise Team/Choir/Band Ministry

Ushers in the presence of the Holy Spirit through psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs to make the sanctuary and the congregation ready for worship.


R.O.S.E. Ministry

Mentors, develops, and supports women of TCF in their efforts to walk worthy of the vocation in which they were called.


Security Ministry

Designed to help ensure safety, order and “peace with all men” for the entire church family inside and outside of the sanctuary.

Singles’ Ministry

Empowered by God to study His word and learn how to apply it to every area of our lives in order to produce prosperous, healthy, wholesome, and well balanced Christian singles.

Special Events Ministry

Coordinates the activities of The Church Fellowship regarding special events; makes all necessary travel arrangements, hotel accommodations, etc., for conferences and incoming guests.


Temple Ministry

Responsible for the beautification of the edifice. It helps us to understand how the natural temple relates to the spiritual temple.

Transportation Ministry

Carries out the vision and mission of the church by providing safe and courteous transportation to all disciples and visitors.


Ushers Ministry

Greets, seats, and assists disciples and visitors during Worship Service.  Also distributes bulletins, envelopes, etc. to worshippers to make for a more orderly worship experience.


Video Ministry

Spreads the good news via video to all disciples and visitors, and all that desires to see the Worship Service; provides assistance through power point presentations throughout the services.