We are a church of forgiveness, reconciliation and restoration; we believe those core values and principles are extremely important in one’s relationship with Christ and they are the foundation our ministry is built upon.  Our church was founded in 1998, in Jacksonville, Fl. Bishop Allen and his wife Minister Renita Allen first began holding services in Highlands Middle School’s cafetorium and before long our membership grew into a family of faithful members. We then moved into a small building and continued to develop into a thriving church. In 2004, we acquired what most people know as the old Scotty’s Hardware store on the Northside of town. Before the building was renovated and turned into a new home for the ministry, Bishop Allen and his flock frequently visited our future home where we wrote bible scriptures all over the building and prayed that God would bless the land and new location. 8808 Lem Turner Road is still a beautiful home of to The Church Fellowship! We would be honored if you would drop by and fellowship with us at one of our heart-warming worship services.